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Service offering for R-DDV industrial valves. - ニュース / General - Woodward Technical Support

4月 26 2022

Service offering for R-DDV industrial valves.

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Dear Customers,

After careful review of Woodward portfolio, Woodward is making changes to our service offering, specifically, Woodward will no longer perform Maintanace, Repair and Overhaul services for the following R-DDV® industrial valves:

Part numbers starting with : 27A50F, 27B50F, 27C20F, 27E50F and 27G50F.

Note Woodward will continue to honor all warranty obligations for these parts.

For Model 27E50F and 27G50F : Peerless Engineering Sales, Ltd. in Canada can be contacted @

For all models you can also contact the Servo Group in the USA.