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Change the Control Name of CPU

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The following instructions are a guide on changing the control name of a P1020 CPU using Tera Term software. While they may be referenced for other CPUs, the connection type and baud rate may differ. For example a 5200 CPU will use a rate of 38400.

Changing the Control Name of P1020 CPU

Connect to service port of the CPU with USB mini-USB cable

Open Tera Term software to serial connection at correct port for your machine and speed/baud of 115200

Login with ServiceUser

Type “reboot” press enter, press any key to interrupt

Type “p” press enter, this will show you CPU information

Type “c” press enter to begin the change dialogue. This will list CPU information line by line. To NOT change a value, press enter. Press enter at each line until you get to the target name

Type the desired name (it will be next to the current name, this is correct. Do not press any other navigation keys, the only keys to go back over what you have typed is the backspace). In the example below the current name is 'VXM00071240', and it will be changed the 'CPU_CELL'


Press enter for the name line, and any other lines to leave them as is

Type “p” press enter, check that only the name line has changed and is correct

Type “@” press enter, this will finish the booting process

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