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RE: Flex500 Footprint update Failure

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HelpDesk – please make note of this issue related to Control Footprint Updates on the Flex500 control – I suspect other customers may run into this.

The only time we have seen this – is if a control gets Upgraded (to 5418-7795) and then the control gets a service pack to DOWNGRADE it back to 5418-6479.

This will not work and will result in this error.  The unit will need to be returned to get re-flashed (only workaround is some work thru the Debug port – if you have a Woodward FSE they could do that – Reference Redmine Issue #90404).

NOTE – not sure why they would upgrade to 5418-7795 – that version only supports Coder 1.04 and newer.  Meaning they will need to upgrade their application to Coder 1.04.

Customers should only upgrade to the latest Revision letter of the same part number – not upgrade to new part numbers, unless they have a reason to do so and understand the possibility that there may be GAP application dependencies.

I suspect they upgraded, saw that their application would not run, and then tried to go back to the older footprint.

BTW - Under AppManager/Control Info they can see the revision



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