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RE: GAP Consulting

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If customer needs help with GAP compiling / coder errors please have them collect basic information below:

………... Ask them to follow the below steps

  1. Make sure in GAP, “File-Compile->Delete temporary files” is unselected
  2. Recompile the GAP
  3. Make sure they see coder generated files (eg: tmp_blk.c) in the GAP folder
  4. Make sure they still see the error by loading the .out to the control
  5. Retrieve system logfiles from the control after a failed start attempt (both cpu’s if they used group start in appmanager)
  6. Zip up the GAP coder project folder (this will contain the tmp_x.c files as well as .out /.r1 that we need) and sent it to wwd
  7. Send the system logfiles retrieved in step 5 to wwd

When you receive this information you should update the redmine ticket with it.

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