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723 / 723Plus / 828 Software loading

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When downloading an older application file into the 723/723Plus/828 (older revision over newer revision), the CPU OK LED will go on temporarily, then go off and the 723/723Plus/828 won’t boot up. Sometimes, the internal settings of the software are mixed up, tunable variables are out of specified range.

This can be solved by:

a) Downloading another Application file

b) When no different application file is available, follow below steps:
    1. Start download with the available .Hex / .SCP file, but during download, stop the download by pulling the
        cable from the download port.

    2. Power cycle the 723/723Plus/828 and the unit will see it does not have a valid application.
        Power down the 723 and connect download cable again.

    3. For 723, start download process (XFER) and begin downloading of the file.
        When download attempt is started, power up the 723 / 723Plus /828 and download should start.
        For 723Plus/828, Start servlink and retry making connection to the 723Plus/828 and power the control.
        When connection is established, start WatchWindows Professional and load the .SCP file.
        This step might be possible a few times as it tries to connect to the 723/723Plus/828 in backdoor boot.

     4. When download is completed, power cycle the 723/723Plus/828 and check if unit boots up correctly.

Customers with units that exhibit problems should contact their local Woodward distributor or the Woodward Technical Assistance Group for more information.


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