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Loading a Blank LECM Module

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The LECM blank modules as of 2/2020 come with boot strap security enabled.  To bootstrap, a dongle is needed.  In the future, bootstrap security will be disabled.
To load "Blank" modules, power up as normal (require only Power, Keyswitch and any CAN port @ 250k baud) and connect using a specific CAN XCP Identifier.  For the respective module identifiers see Table 6-2 in manual 26757b. 

Table 6-2. Default Application CAN XCP Identifiers
LECM Main Module
  CAN XCP Command ID
  CAN XCP Response ID
  CAN XCP Command ID
  CAN XCP Response ID
  CAN XCP Command ID
  CAN XCP Response ID

It is not required to connect to the control before loading an app, in TK just go directly to File, Load Application.
If an E6 application is loaded, boot security is tunable and defaulted to FALSE.  Bootstrap can now be performed without the security dongle/.dll and the Identifiers are the standard E6 CAN XCP Identifiers.
The default application when powered up has no LEDs on, they do have function…just looks dead when powered.  If you have 2/3-stack you will have an IO Lock on the whole thing (solid red cpu led) until all apps in the stack are loaded with a valid application.

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