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Oils for Hydraulic Governors/Actuators (Ref. 25071) - Knowledgebase / Hydraulic Governor/Actuator - Woodward Technical Support

Oils for Hydraulic Governors/Actuators (Ref. 25071)

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This article serves as a general guide for anyone involved in the selection of oils for use in Woodward governors or actuators.

One of the primary functions required of an oil is to stand up to high loadings and high temperatures, while remaining a good lubricant. Oil, as it emerges from the refinery process, is a slippery liquid, but it lacks additives vital to its intended functions.

These additives turn a liquid into a lubricant that fights heat, cold, contamination, corrosion, rust, wear, and other environmental and mechanical hazards. Lubricant additives are grouped into three general categories according to the functions they perform:
• protect the lubricated surface
• improve lubricant performance
• protect the lubricant

Surface protective additives include anti-wear agents, corrosion and rust inhibitors, and detergents and dispersants. Performance additives include pour point depressants, seal swell agents, and viscosity index improvers. Lubricant protective additives cover anti-foamants, anti-oxidants, and metal deactivators.

See detailed information in the attached document.

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