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Calculating number of teeth of an engine flywheel - Knowledgebase / Electronic Controls - Woodward Technical Support

Calculating number of teeth of an engine flywheel

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There are times during configuration of a speed controller like APECS or DPG or even the larger L Series and PISCs when you needed to input the number of teeth on the flywheel and is just not possible. Either you don't have the manual or simply it is not convinient to start counting the number of flywheel teeth.

You only need the following

  1. Multimeter able to measure frequency
  2. The excel tool I created and of course a PC


  1. Start the engine and measure the frequency (Hz)  at the generator's output (L-L or L-N)
  2. Run the excel file and add the frequency you recorded in A4 cell
  3. Measure the frequency from the MPU and add it on cell G3
  4. The result whill appear on cell I3 - and you are done.

Ps. The excel tool is applicable only for 4 pole generators

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