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How to Change Control IP Address

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The IP address of a control’s Ethernet ports can be changed using AppManager.  You can see the current IP address of the Ethernet ports of a control by retrieving the Control Properties in AppManager.  AppManager is a Woodward service tool that allows users to access control systems to manage files and control applications.

Step 1 

Open AppManager.   Select the control you want to update and go to Control > Change Network Settings.  No application can be running on the CPU.


Figure 1: Control > change network settings.

Step 2

Select which Ethernet port you want to update in the top right corner.



Figure 2: Ethernet port selection.

Step 3

Select “Specify a new IP address” and fill in the IP address and subnet and gateway you want to use.   Ethernet 1 and Ethernet 2 must be on different networks.


Figure 3: Specify new IP address.

Step 4

Select “OK” and follow prompts.  Control will be rebooted for changes to take effect.


Figure 3:  Select OK.

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